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We are honored to contribute to domestic and national production by improving our products with the R&D studies we do every day. We serve for a healthy life. In line with this purpose, we aim to offer medical services at every point of the group as the highest quality, evidence-based and standard.

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Personal Data Protection Policy

Personal Data Protection Policy

As unionmedikal.com, we show maximum sensitivity to the security of your data. Your data are processed and stored following the Law on Protection of Personal Data No. 6698, LPPD.

Information as Data Controller

As unionmedikal.com, whose detailed corporate information is published below, following the LPPD numbered 6698 and as a Data Supervisor, your data will be recorded, stored, updated, disclosed/transferred to third parties, classified and processed in the ways listed in the KVKK, when permitted by the legislation as explained on this page.

How Your Personal Data Can Be Processed

Your personal data is processed to fulfill the liabilities imposed on us by the Turkish Commercial Code (6102) and Tax Procedure Law (213).

In addition to fulfilling our legal liabilities, your personal data shall be provided at the highest level of service, your next service and product request, profile registration, fast and accurate determination of the appropriate services and products for you, our most important principle is "customer satisfaction" for supply.

Moreover, your personal data shall be processed to improve the products and services offered to you, to announce our products and campaigns, to plan and manage management and communication activities and strategies correctly, to improve the services offered on the website, to correct the errors on the site, to communicate with you when you make a request or complaint, to manage your requests and complaints, to improve service quality, to ensure that third parties fulfill their technical, logistical and similar functions as a service provider on our behalf and to ensure that your payments are made quickly and securely when necessary.

Purposes and Legal Reasons for Processing Your Personal Data

Your data is collected through the forms you fill out on our website, the mail, e-mail, fax, and similar media you send to us, the voice calls you to make with us, or the calls you make in our company. Your personal data collected following the nature of the data, following the above-mentioned purposes to provide our services and in this context to fulfill our contractual and legal responsibilities in a complete and accurate Turkish Commercial Code No. 6102, Tax Procedure Law No. 213, Law No. 6502 on Consumer Protection, No. Personal Data Protection Act, especially the provisions of the legislation imposed on us to meet the obligations to meet.

In this context, the legal reasons based on the collection of your data are processed by the nature of the data, explicit consent, expressly proposed in the laws, compulsory processing of data for the execution of the contract, compulsory for fulfillment of our legal obligations, and compulsory data processing for the legitimate interests of the data officer.

Information About Third-Parties or Organizations to Which Your Personal Data Can Be Transferred

Persons/organizations to whom your data shared with unionmedikal.com can be transferred for the purposes stated above are; our main shareholders, shareholders, direct or indirect domestic/foreign subsidiaries; particularly the member companies using the unionmedikal.com infrastructure, and also the program partner organizations, domestic/international organizations and other third parties, which we cooperate with, to carry out our activities and/or as Data Processors.

How Your Personal Data Is Collected

With the forms on unionmedikal.com website and mobile applications and information such as name, surname, TR ID number, address, telephone, business or private e-mail address; data including preferences on the pages accessed using the username and password, the IP records of the transactions performed, the cookie data collected by the browser and the duration and details of the browsing, as location data;

through our channels such as conferences and training, our consulting services, sales, and marketing department employees, paper forms, business cards, digital marketing, and call center, verbally, in writing or electronically; To establish a commercial relationship with unionmedikal.com, to apply for a job, to submit a proposal, in a physical or virtual environment, face to face or distance, verbal or written or electronically;

Besides, data obtained indirectly from different channels, from (micro) websites and social media used for websites, blogs, contests, surveys, games, campaigns and similar purposes, e-bulletin reading or clicking movements, data provided by public databases From profiles, and data open to sharing on social networking sites such as social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Google, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.); can be processed and collected.

Your Personal Data Obtained Before KVKK Comes into Force

Your data obtained following the law in terms of membership, electronic message permission, product/service purchase, and other means before the effective date of KVKK, are also processed and stored following the terms and conditions outlined in this document.

Transfer of Your Personal Data

To be maintained processed outside of Turkey in the treatment of Turkey, collected by any of the methods listed above personal data are located abroad following the condition of the scope KVKK and contractual purposes (Personal Data Board by accredited and personal data protection to countries where adequate protection in respect of) services can also be transferred to intermediaries.

Keeping Personal Data Updated and Accurate

Following Article 4 of the KVKK, unionmedikal.com has the obligation to keep your data accurate and up to date. In this context, for unionmedikal.com to fulfill its obligations arising from the current legislation, our customers are required to share their correct and up-to-date data or update them via the website/mobile application.