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Surgical Face Mask Type II

3 Layer Surgical Mask - Type II White

Product Description: 3 layer disposable surgical mask with elastic and wires.

Key Features
Packaging: Boxes of 10 and 50 pieces or in cellophane packages.
Material: Nonwoven fabric.
Color: White, blue.

Special Features 
Outer Layer: Spunbond
Middle Layer: Meltblown (High Filtration)
Inner Layer: Spunbond
Shelf Life: 3 years.

% Bacterial Filtration Efficiency:  ≥ 98

Quality Standard: EN 14683: 2019 + AC: 2019



 Type I

 Type II

 Type IIR

  Bacterial Filtration       Efficiency (BFE) %

  ≥ 95


  ≥ 98

  ≥ 98

 Differantial Pressure (Pa/cm2)

 < 40

 < 40

 < 60

 Slpas Resistance   Pressure (kPa)

 Not Required

 Not Required

 ≥ 16,0

 Microbial Cleanliness (cfu/g)

≤ 30

≤ 30

≤ 30

 The type II medical face mask should only be used for patients and other persons to reduce the risk of spreading   infections, especially in epidemic or pandemic situations. Type II masks are not intended for use by professional   healthcare professionals in operating rooms or other medical settings with similar conditions.